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Advance on salary, Professional fees, CE benefits, Social protection .. and a unique rate


As members of the FEDEPS, we are committed to offering you an ethical wage portage experience. #ZeroFraisCachés


With our technology, we are the only umbrella company pertaining to the French Tech ecosystem (JEI Label)

Wage portage benefits


Under the wage portage model, you are free to choose your client and your mission. No restrictions, your umbrella company handles the administrative, legal and accounting matters.


Independent and protected ! Through your umbrella company, you get to profit from all the benefits of being in a regular long term employment (social security, retirement plan, company advantages …), all while being 100% autonomous.


Start you wage portage adventure in 2h and manage your activity in real time thanks to WEEPO's technology.

Years of expertise
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Transparency and reliability

Our management fees are pre-fixed and do not change. WEEPO is a member of the FEDEPS and is committed to offering you an ethical wage portage experience. #ZeroFraisCachés

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Get onboard a 100% digital wage portage experience

Save time thanks to our platform. WEEPO is revolutionizing the consultant experience in an umbrella company. Our motto : Automation and autonomy !

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The team

We are committed to offering you complete satisfaction through our Triple T wage portage model. WEEPO guarantees a personalized support system and quality services in order to satisfy our consultants and their clients.

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The future of umbrella companies
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You are free in choosing your mission and negotiating the terms of your contract. Next you sign-up on the platform and fill-in the necessary information.



WEEPO is building the next generation of umbrella companies. Once signed-up and the project validated, you can easily have access to your contracts. WEEPO will handle the administrative, legal and accounting matters.


2H to start !

All set and ready! You can start your adventure and focus on your client, we handle the rest.

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WEEPO, la pépite French Tech qui révolutionne le portage salarial
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WEEPO, un mouvement 100% digital
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Le portage salarial ça vous démange ? Quand travailler dans une grande tour ne fait plus rêver !

Start you wage portage adventure in 2H with WEEPO!

Our consultants operate throughout France

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And around the world

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Are you ready to explore new professional opportunities? Weepo, your preferred partner for freelancing in France and internationally, supports you in your professional projects. Whether you are an independent professional or considering starting your freelance career, our digital platform offers you the freedom to manage your business with simplicity and serenity. Joining Weepo also gives you access to a network of over 300 experts who have found the freedom and independence they were looking for in freelancing while enjoying the security and benefits of employee status.

How does a freelancing company work?

Freelancing can be defined as a hybrid professional status that allows independent workers to enjoy the benefits of employment while retaining their freedom. This model is based on a tripartite contract. In other words, the consultant, i.e., the independent worker, signs a contract with a freelancing company and the client company. The relationship between the three parties is formalized through this contract.

Before signing the contract, the consultant or independent worker must find projects. They will prospect and negotiate with potential clients to secure projects that align with their skills, similar to an independent contractor.

The contract for the services is then signed by the freelancing company, the consultant, and the client company. This contract outlines the mission conditions, payment terms, and expected deliverables.

Subsequently, the freelancing company handles invoicing by issuing invoices on behalf of the consultant for the completed service. The consultant's fees are calculated based on the desired revenue. Finally, the freelancing company receives payments from clients, taking care of deductions for social and tax contributions, as well as management fees, before transferring the net salary to the consultant. The net salary corresponds to revenue minus deductions and fees. In summary, the freelancing company takes care of the administrative, legal, and accounting aspects of the relationship, allowing the consultant to focus on their actual work.

Good to know: The consultant benefits from employee status, meaning they enjoy advantages such as social protection, unemployment insurance, and retirement benefits. In return, they are required to contribute to various schemes, similar to any other employee.

Weepo - Comment fonctionne une société de portage salarial ?

What are the advantages of a umbrella company like Weepo?

Have you ever dreamed of professional freedom while enjoying the security of permanent employment? Well, with Weepo, it's possible!

Choosing a freelancing company like Weepo comes with numerous advantages: optimal business management, competitive remuneration, enhanced social protection, and more. At Weepo, our philosophy is, « If you take care of your collaborators, they will take care of your clients ». In line with this, we strive to offer our freelancers all the flexibility and independence they dream of, while ensuring the benefits and social protection of an employee.

Beyond being just a freelancing company, Weepo is a team that supports freelancers daily at every stage of their business: from contract signing to administrative management and daily mission follow-up, we are present to support them in all their endeavors. Their work should be their priority!

Because we understand that every business is different and every consultant has different professional aspirations, we offer personalized support in contract negotiation, invoicing, and more. We ensure that each of your services is a success, both professionally and financially. Your success is our priority!

Join us today, a freelancing company, and fear no more about starting your own business! Your business is now synonymous with freedom, security, and success!

Weepo - Quels sont les avantages du portage salarial avec Weepo ?

How to find missions that suit you?

Finding missions that align with your profile, professional aspirations, and skills is essential to unleash your potential, thrive professionally, and achieve the remuneration you deserve. You have several options: leverage your network, use online platforms, browse job offers, or check the freelancing missions offered by Weepo.

On our dedicated page, discover a diverse and extensive offer in the field of IT, ranging from IT project management to innovative solution design. Whether you are a developer, information systems consultant, cybersecurity expert, database administrator, etc., you will find a range of missions that match your professional and human aspirations through our freelancing company.

In any case, stay vigilant! Market needs constantly evolve. It is crucial to stay informed about IT sector trends and adapt your skills to remain at the forefront and effectively meet market requirements. Lastly, be proactive and cultivate your online presence to attract opportunities that suit you!

The expertise of our umbrella company Weepo

Weepo stands out as a freelancing company in France, offering solid expertise in administrative management and support for independent professionals. The company positions itself as a trusted partner for those looking to work independently while enjoying the social benefits of employee status. With a national presence, you can find missions across the entire French territory: Lyon, Bordeaux, Lille, Marseille, Nantes, Le Mans, or Strasbourg.

Have you ever thought about working internationally?

Are you international and want to work for a French company? Dare to cross all borders through a freelancing company!

Weepo supports you worldwide and helps you explore new professional horizons with our international freelancing service. International freelancing operates on the same concept as conventional freelancing. An additional advantage is the opportunity for independent consultants based abroad to collaborate with French companies, explore new industries, and diversify their professional experiences.

This international openness allows foreign workers to work for a French company remotely and reach a broader market. From the moment the contract is signed with the freelancing company, freelancers have several advantages as ported employees: health insurance, retirement benefits, insurance, etc. As for companies, they can collaborate with foreign independents without the administrative complications often associated with hiring foreign workers. International freelancing represents a unique professional opportunity to thrive on the global stage for both freelancers and companies.

Thanks to our freelancing company, our expertise extends far beyond French borders, making working abroad easier for digital nomads and companies!

Weepo - Avez-vous déjà pensé à travailler depuis l'international ?
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